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«Apzinoties pasaules skaistumu, dalāmies katra brīža neatkārtojamībā - ar tēliem, emocijām un mākslas darbiem.»



Nikolay Krivoshein

Autora darbi

Nikolay Krivoshein
"In modern Latvian art renowned Riga painter Nikolay Krivoshein has secured himself a position of the strongest abstractionist painter, boldly cultivating aesthetics of stylisation and expression. When practically implementing his creative foundations he is principled and consequent, while free from predictability and open to new ideas. Nikolay is endowed with exceptional mastery of colour contrasts and colouristic nuances that together with flawless composition of his every painting, contributed to creation of exceptionally expressive, in a masculine way emotionally saturated paintings. Of course with time creative approach and tasks transform, but the style of artists remains complete, handwriting recognizably elegantly-careless. In his works easiness and structure, lightness and seriousness, impressions and contemplations enter the vivid flow of colour and shape and bring the beholder strong, positive and energetic charge. Nikolay Krivoshein painting is monumental regardless of the painting's format. Attracting by decorativeness and originality his works look spectacular, fresh and interesting in any public of private modern interior, accenting its individuality and uniqueness." Natalya Suyunshaliyeva, the art critic is writing about him.


While studying there attended lessons at drawing and painting studio of Abram Bikov (1978-1990) and drawing studio of Vitaly Karkunov (1990-1993). From 1993 until 1996 studied painting at the Latvian Academy of Arts (LAA). From 1996 until 1997 studied at the LAA easel painting studio of professors Imants Vecozolos and Vilis Ozols and graduated with BA degree. From 1997 until 1999 continued his studies at the monumental painting studio of LAA professors Aleksandr Naumov and Kaspars Zarins. After graduating LAA in 1999 became a member of the Latvian Painters Union. Since 2003 is also a member of the Russian Painters Professional Union.


1991 – Exhibition of Abram Bykov students works in Moscow, Russia
1998 January – Exhibition in the UNESCO building in Brussels, Belgium
1998 May – Exhibition “Art days in Mazheykyai”, Lithuania
2000 – Exhibition “Art without borders”, project “Bonn-Riga-Bonn” in a publishing house “KOLLEN”, Bonn, Germany
2002 April – Exhibition of Latvian artists in an exhibition hall of Byelorussian Artists’ Union in Vitebsk, Byelorussian
2002 November - Exhibition of Latvian and Byelorussian artists “Echoes of the Summer” in Contemporary Art Museum, Minsk, Byelorussia
2002 December – Exhibition of Riga and St. Petersburg artists in the gallery “Nevograf” in St. Petersburg, Russia
2010 January – Abstract Art Exhibition “Walks of a Lonely Dreamer” in Moscow, Russia

in Latvia
1996 – Personal exhibition in the Monte Kristo café in Riga
1996 - Personal exhibition “The Bowl” in the Kinogalerija in Riga
2001 - Personal exhibition “2T+1” in Maritime Art Gallery in Maritime Park Hotel Riga
2002 - Personal exhibition “Three suns” in gallery Duagava in Riga
2003 - Personal exhibition “Riga – Moscow” in Central Artists’ House in Moscow, Russia
2006 - Personal exhibition in gallery “Puku bars” in Riga
2009 - Personal exhibition “Not toys” in a private Latvian art museum in Riga
2009 - Personal exhibition “Not toys” in gallery “Bri art”