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Dmitry Lavrentjev


Dmitry Lavrentjev
Dmitry Lavrentjev

Date of birth: 20.10.1970


Professional experience:
Member of the Association of Latvian Artists since 1999
Member of the group „Free Art” since 1995
Member of the Association of Russian Artists of Latvia since 1992
Participates in exhibitions since 1995

Selected solo exhibitions:
2014 „The sounds of the Earth”, Noliktava Nr.1, Andrejsala, Riga, Latvia
2014 “ Venus Rising”, Daugavpils Mark Rothko art centre, Latvia
2013 „Trinity” Marc Chagall Museum, Vitebsk, Belarus
2012 „Characters”, AU gallery, Vitebsk, Belarus
2011 “Untransparent objects in mirrors”, The Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia
2010 “The Other Side”, D-Fab, Riga, Latvia
2008 „The Letters of Maldoror”, AUL gallery, Riga, Latvia
2007 „The Gates of the sun”, National Museum of Daugavpils, Latvia
2006 „23 Women”, The gallery „Carousell”, Riga, Latvia
2005 „12 madonnas with the child”, The gallery „Bastejs”, Riga, Latvia
2004 „Change of thinking”, The gallery „Carousell”, Riga, Latvia
2004 „Angels, gods & pasions” (together with D. Dimza- Dimme) Roskilde Bank; TRYG/Nordea Liv og Pension, Denmark
2003 „Apollonian & Dionysian” (together with I. Petrusevicha) AUL gallery, Riga, Latvia
2002 „The Feast of the Kings”, The gallery „Ciris”, Riga, Latvia
2000 Institute of Psychology, Riga, Latvia
2000 „Red and Black”, The gallery „Ciris”, Riga, Latvia
1999 „No chef-d’oeuvre”, Danish Institute of Culture, Riga, Latvia
1999 „Cradle”, Art A+, Riga, Latvia
1997 „A Man and hedgehog”,The gallery „Riga Wines”, Riga, Latvia
1997 „The Independence day”, exhibition hall „Latvia”, Riga, Latvia
1995 „Sketches almost from nature”, Ankol, Riga, Latvia
1995 „Cinema Gallery”, Riga, Latvia

Selected group exhibitions:
2009 „Biennale Graphica”, St.Petersburg, Russia
2008 „Biennale Graphica”, St.Petersburg, Russia
2006 “Autumn 2006”, The Latvian Railway history museum, Riga, Latvia
2006 „Biennale Graphica”, St.Petersburg, Russia
2005 „Portrait of a Flower”, The gallery „Carousell”, Riga, Latvia
2005 „Icon’s Journey”, The gallery „Carousell”, Riga, Latvia
2003 Group exhibition, Riga’s Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2003 Latvian Art exhibition, the Tartu University Library, Tartu, Estonia
2003 „Abstractionism in Latvia” Exhibition hall „Arsenals”, Riga, Latvia
2002 „Autumn 2001”, Exhibition hall „Arsenals”, Riga, Latvia (award)
2002 Young Latvian artists exhibition „Re-action”, The Central Bank, Mainz, Germany
2002 Group exhibition in Centre for exhibition in Vitebsk, and Museum of modern arts in Minsk, Byelorussia
2002 „Autumn 2002” Exhibition hall „Arsenals”, Riga, Latvia
1999 „Ribnitz- DamGarten”, Germany
1999 „Angier”, France

2004 Object “The underground boat” (together with K. Zalitis), open-air museum Pedvale, Sabile, Latvia
Paintings are held in private collections in Russia, Latvia, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Belgium, New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden.