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Rita Pranča


Rita Pranča
Rita Pranča

Education: Latvian state Academy of fine arts Member of “Corporation of Riga profession artists” L’Association « Festival-Cultures Croisées », France Works are in public and private collections in Latvia, USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Israel. Artworks are property of Art Gallery SIA Eco Invest.

Current events:
April 2017. Riga. Latvia. BriArt gallery "Artists of Academy"
16.04 - 16.05.2017. "Angels". Riga Dome cathedral
Future events:
Flamenco. Mencendorfa House. Riga. 20.04.2017.
Riga Russian Theater. 25.04.2017.


“Spring” 1994 -2001 (annual salon of Latvian art, Riga)
“L’Art Libre” Riga, Munchen 1996-1998
“5 tram” Riga, 1999, 2000 (exposition of the group of 5 artists)
“4 women” Riga, 2004
«Plain air Gotland» 1998,1999 Visby Art Museum, Sweden, Hotel de Rome, Riga (Atelier in Sweden, Gotland)
New art from Latvia, Helsinki, Finland, 2004
Annual Art exhibition Riga municipality, 2009
One land, One home, Riga municipality 2010
“Dall’Acqua Nasce L’Anima”, Desio, Italy, 2011
“Shamal”, Varenna, Italy, 2012
“No laukiem…”, Baldone, 2013
Dali gallery, Riga, 2014
Corporation of Riga profession artists, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014
Riga Art Fair 2014
Group exhibitions in Riga, 2015 - 2016.
Plain Air - Rundale, 2016.
January 2017. Riga. Latvia.BriArt gallery "Artists of Academy"
The Lace ball. Fifaro Gallery, Riga, 2017, March
Portrait, Vitebsk modern art center, Belorussia

Solo Exhibitions:
1994-2005, Riga, Latvia
2015, Gallery Nr.1, Riga
2016, Baldone Art Gallery, Latvia
2016, BriArt gallery, Riga
February 2017 - Solo show, Valters&Rapa, Riga
September 2017 - Nymphes in Arcady, tatoo Art gallery, Riga