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Alise Mediņa
Alise Mediņa (born 1984) is a Latvian painter, living and working in Riga.
Alise is active in exhibiting her works for the last 10 years.
Exhibitions are the driving force behind her creativity and talent development - at least twice a year Alise shows her recent work to public and it is the „deadline that makes me move”.

Alise studied in Rozentāla art school and continued her studies in painting in Art Academy of Latvia.
Besides oil painting Alise has studied ceramics, her mediums are porcelain and raku burning.
Alise started her creative education in pre-school age, when her mom sent her to art classes, then continued by inertia to art school and then Art academy.
Alise loves what she does and believes that it is a right place for her.
She continuously and purposefully improves her skills and that has resulted in possibility to paint and live with just art.
Alise has tried other jobs for a short time during her study years, but the turning point was the first Jarmarka (Christmas market in Art Academy), when her art was sold and made her to believe
that she can be a professional artist.
Alise does not want to terrify or make provocative art that leads to negative feelings. Her art is relaxing and calming, celebrating beauty and life.
Painting is a form of her existence, often without any reason behind. „it is like singing in a shower, you don't think why you do that, just do and that's it.”
The other place Alise finds attractive for her art is Paris, where she has been in residency.
Paris is depicted in her paintings and romantic European feel is dominating in her paintings.
Alise recently has become a mom and according to herself, this might affect her themes in paintings.
All-in-all paintings by themselves should have energy to reflect and communicate to its viewer.
And I hope that will be a pleasant experience.