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Līga Ķempe
Līga Ķempe

Born 1975 in Liepāja and acquired her first education in art in her native city.
In 1995 she graduated from the Liepāja Secondary School of Art with the speciality of ceramic artist.
In 2003 she graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia with a master’s degree in art from the Faculty of Visual Plastic Art.
She participates in group and thematic exhibitions in Latvia and abroad since 1999.
She has held 29 solo exhibitions at various galleries since 2002 in Latvia, Denmark, Belgium and France. Her works are held in the collections of UPB and the Museum of Liepāja, Matti Milius in Tartu and in private collections in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, France, England Portugal, Germany, Finland, Sweeden, Norway and the USA.