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Rihards Delvers

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Rihards Delvers
Rihards Delvers

Born: 1968.21.july,Riga

1979-1986. J.Rozentāla RMV
1989-1995. Latvian Art Academy department of painting (I.Zarins mastershop, superior of diploma work Aleksejs Naumovs)
from 1995. member of New Artist Union
from 1998. member of Latvian Art Union
from 1989. taking part in exhibitions

1992.september gallery “Stalla”
1993. april gallery “TEN”, Liepāja
1993. december Foreign art Museum, in vault hall
1998. february gallery “Asūna”
1998. april gallery “Telpa”,Daugavpils
1998. september University of Pedagogy, Daugaupils
1998. oktober Art salon of Salaspils
1999. may Rigas Pedagogical and Education Leadership Higschool
1999. november gallery “Asūna”
2000. august gallery “ Tifāna”
2002. jun. gallery “Asūna”
2004. jun. gallery “Antonija”
2005. mey Secondary School of Valmiera
2006. march gallery ”Bastejs”

“Rudens ’97, ’98, ’99, 2000, 2001, 2004”
“Painting of the Year” gallery “Asūna” 1997-2005
1997.g. april gallery “Asūna” un Saules Bank competition exhibition
1998.g. march exhibition in Exhibition House of Cēsis (with E.Līcītis-sculpture.,M.Ģibiete-glas,
june. Second General Latvian Art Exhibition
august gallery “Asūna” exhibition. “Only Sea”
1999.g. january gallery “Laipa” ,Valmiera (with metal artist Andris Dukurs)
april “Gallery of Riga” exhibition of Little Forms
exhibition of Art Days in Salaspils
august gallery “Asūna” exhibition. “Only Sea”, Latvian Navigation promotion award
2000.g. january gallery “Asūna” “21 painting” (project “21 from twentyfirst”)
february gallery “Bastejs” “Painting on wood”
april “Gallery Riga” Exhibition of Little Forms
mey promotion award “AIR Baltic competition”
june. gallery “Asūna” exhebition. “Only Sea” Latvian Navigation second award
oktober gallery “Thereses Kunstsalong”, Oslo, Norway
november gallery “Asūna” “White and White”
gallery “Bastejs” “Painting for Your Collection”
2001.g .february gallery “Bastejs” exhibition “Europian Union Embassy in Riga”
February march. exhebition. “In Saules Bank”
April, september gallery “Asūna” “All Around Riga”
september gallery.”Asūna” “Energy” (Latvenergo)
september Museum of Applied Art “Art of flying” (AIR Baltic)
december gallery “Čiris” exhibition of gallery
Brisel, Beļgium
2002.g. march-april gallery “Bastejs” “Spring Exhibition”
mey “Gallery Riga” exhibition of Little Forms
june exhibition in Sweden, Skåne
august gallery “Bastejs” exhibition of gallery
oktober gallery ”Asūna” “Only Sea” Latvian Navigation first award
2003.g. mey-jule State Museum of Art “Arsenāls” Abstractionism in Latvian paintings
june-september exhibition ANO house Riga
august project of visual art “Tower of Babel”
september gallery “Bastejs”, exhibition contest “Creative workshop a 2003” (awards :Tapals – Nordik,” “Atēna” )
2004.g. november Region of Riga exhibition of artists. “Station of Nature”
2005.g. oktober gallery “Bastejs” Alter ego”

Works of art in foreign countries: Canada, USA, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Norwey, Poland, Sweden, Belgium etc.